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  1. Domestic bliss is indeed not only for the married ones but also for single people. We can also have domestic bliss at home. I didn’t know that domestic bliss is a human right. Does that mean that when neighbors are bothering me, harassing me, or doing anything else that makes me feel insecure and uncomfortable that they are attacking my human right? 

    A better world begins within the four walls of our homes, that’s very true, I agree with that. Home is a place of security, and hopefully also of problem-solving, finding solutions, alone or with someone. It is a place of safety, no one should take that away from you.

    The books look very interesting. Would you recommend the first one “Nonviolent communication” to people with anger issues? Which of these would you recommend to someone who wants to create domestic bliss living alone?

  2. My first question: You affectively said that “you can find time to work at attaining domestic bliss and still have a life. I don’t understand. What do you mean by that? It sounds to me like, take time out occasionally to nail down your domestic bliss so that it doesn’t escape, then get on with your life, isn’t domestic bliss part of your life?

    You also talk about enhancing definitions. To me, that sounds like changing definitions, and I am not a fan of deconstruction. The part about financial planning was good – very important in a marriage.

    I didn’t like the news from the researchers. In my mind selfishness, and bad parenting are to blame. We have trouble with our kids because not enough authority is shown. Young people need hard and fast rules otherwise you can forget domestic bliss. Badly behaved children who refused to do what they’re told, ruin it all. No wonder the childless couples are happier. All the new rules on parenting make things so difficult.

    It was a long article, a little too long I thought. 

    Visually it was beautiful. I like the Pinterest box at the beginning. And no doubt you have recommended some good books.

    1. I’m afraid I cannot disagree with you more.

      Change is essential – especially when we’re faced with conflicting information. If our opinions are challenged by scientifically proven facts, then we must amend our opinions no matter how difficult they are.

      If this is deconstruction then it can only be a good thing.

      What the researchers have found is actually not new information. These findings have been around for at least 50 years.

      Trying to cling to erroneous information does not serve us.

      Decades ago, things like slavery, domestic abuse and criminalising homosexuality were accepted as normal. Thankfully, we’ve deconstructed those norms and arrived at new understandings.

      Parenting is exactly the same.

  3. Indeed we are all called to live a blissful life, though society and media paints a different picture. But the name Domestic Bliss really drives the point home and guides us to start from the foundation – “charity begins at home”. Having practiced the act of instant blissfullness i have come to realize that our joy lies within and nothing external can take away our bliss without our consent. And when we find ourself out of joy, we can instantly return our mood to a state of bliss if we so desire. Thanks for creating this wonderful site for us.

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