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  1. Sounds interesting… I’ll have to give it a try. 😉

    But seriously… thank you, Jade – I appreciate you sharing this work. 🙂

    – Brad

    1. Haha, you should – it’s amazingly effective! ? And you’re welcome. I wanted to share this with as many people as possible as it’s helped me so much. So, thank you!

  2. Thank you for this. Until now I never really knew about tapping so this is the first time I really tried tapping. I noticed I really became emotional towards the end. I sense this was me letting go and allowing and myself to be opened to a new technique. I look forward to seeing the results with practical. Thanks for the support. 

  3. Hey Brad, I have to say that your post on Tapping therapy is really eye opening, as a sufferer of panic and anxiety myself in the past I found coping strategies hard to work with alongside Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT. I felt compelled to read your article on Tapping very intriguing and have saved it, I can’t wait to recommend it to other people as well, thanks for sharing this very useful article, much appreciated.

  4. Hi I am Debzo on WA, looks like we have similar interests so it would be great to connect there. I have followed you on Pintrest. I had not heard of tapping until the end of last year when I did it via a module on a paid membership site I am part of. It seemed to work for me, although I was doing a lot of things to try and resolve my mental health at that time, so how much I can put down to the tapping I’m not sure. It definitely brought up a lot of emotion for me and I kept doing it over a period of days, addressing various issues until the emotions subsided when I was tapping. I’ve heard it can be very impacting for some people and so you have to be careful with it and preferably have support around you for afterwards. Personally I was fine. I cried buckets during the process of tapping but then felt lighter and more balanced afterwards. I got through a period of intense Situational Depression and anxiety with no medication, which I am very happy about.

  5. Wow, truly a good post to read. I thought to my self that my legs shake when I ran out cigarettes and can’t go to any shop it’s closed so let me try something different let me give Brad Yates techniques a shot maybe my nerves will go away. So I went ahead started tapping myself on my head body and saying out his self-love and emotional words first minutes felt the same halfway felt that my nerves were slowing going away then towards the last if felt quite a relief my legs were shaking normally felt calm feeling. Tapping isn’t all that weird it’s fun it’s like your body is telling your self to listen.

    1. Hi Alex, we’re happy to know you found some relief using his techniques. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  6. Very interesting article, have never heard of tapping before. Anxiety is very difficult to deal with, as I’m sure most  have had to deal with it at one time or another. It’s interesting that it is a process that can be done by yourself and don’t need a trained professional to administer the therapy. Wonder what the success rate is? Will check out some of Brad’s Youtube videos, as my son suffers from anxiety. Very well done article. Thanks, Deanna 

    1. Thanks, Deanna. I’ll be honest and say that there are many experts out there who also guide you in tapping therapy but I only ever responded with Brad Yates’ version. I can’t really explain but my theory is that you need to connect or resonate with the practitioner if you’re doing it with one. Some people prefer to do it on their own and that’s fine. I just personally never seem to do it well enough by myself. 🙂

      Do let us know how he gets on if he decides to try it. 

  7. I wasn’t familiar with tapping therapy before, but I found your website at a right time! I was actually just feeling quite stressed. Anxiety and panic attacks are something I suffer from at times. 

    I watched 3 of the Youtube videos on your post and did some tapping as instructed on the videos. My stress level went down quite a bit! I feel quite relaxed right now. The tapping seems to work for me.

    It´s amazing you can help yourself with tapping; you can do it to yourself! That´s not the case with acupuncture, for example; you need to go to a specialist to receive acupuncture. 

    Thank you so much for introducing tapping. This is just what I needed right now.

  8. Hi, your post is very helpful, a friend have once discuss about tapping therapy for anxiety but your post really discussed at length with video, this make your post very educating I will be sharing your post to friends and family for them to learn from your post because it is really helpful.

  9. Very very interesting.  I must admit I had never heard of EFT, but it looks very healing and relaxing.  Loved the layout of your article and the videos were especially helpful.  If only more of us would take a step back, acknowledge the fear and the stress within, take care of it, and align ourselves again – I think the world would be a calmer and more serene place.  Will certainly be returning to your site for more information.

    Thanks again

  10. This is awesome, It feels good to see an article and a video on solution for anxiety through tapping; I remembered sometimes ago, a mishap happened with a new sleep apnea machine for my elderly mother, I was unable to enjoy my special alone time to relax after caring for her during the day and evening. The anxiety became intense.

    After speaking to a respiratory therapist and following instructions, I used the anxiety tapping sequence twice. I was amazed to feel a remarkable difference in my body! My body relaxed incredibly. I could feel a huge difference in the back of my legs as well which had carried great tension.

    I should share this so many people can benefit from this.


    1. Hi Jordan, thank you for sharing your story. 

      My father-in-law has sleep apnoea too and I can only imagine how I’d feel if he were using a machine to help with the condition and it suddenly stopped working as it should. My heart is starting to race just thinking about it.

      I’m glad to know it’s not just me, though, that found tapping helpful.

      According to Wikipedia, some experts are suggesting that it’s nothing but a placebo effect but the relief I feel when I practise this is real and immediate.

      Hope it continues to help you and the people you share it with. 🙂

  11. Wow, what an article. I’m a massive fan of EFT and I am on the Awaken Millionaire course by Joe Vitale. I have used EFT to help me through my anxiety with my driving lessons. It’s amazing.

    I am so happy that you have built a website around it. There needs to be more awareness about it.

    Well done.

    Keep up the brilliant work. 🙂  

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment, Etana. 

      Now, I never considered using this for driving lessons. I’m 35 and have yet to take the test. I always assumed that I simply have an aversion to it but maybe it’s anxiety. There’s a thought.

      I was thinking about joining Joe Vitale’s course but am reigning myself in a bit as I’ve joined sooo many courses in the past few years. Do you like it though? Is it good?

  12. This is a wonderful technique! I haven’t tried it for anxiety, but I’ve used it a couple of times when I was feeling nervous right before an exam or an interview. It does help and it’s really easy to do. Your website looks also very great by the way, I love your logo and slogan!

    1. Hi Virendra, thank you very much. I’m glad you like it. The idea for the logo and slogan just hit me out of nowhere. I’ve been getting some fascinating insights ever since I started working on myself – energy healing, EFT tapping, meditation, Qigong etc.

      And you’re right, it’s so easy to do. This should be part of the school curriculum everywhere. It can be so helpful, especially with the current rising trend in mental health issues in children.

      I remember when I was in primary school, I was attending a school run by Catholic nuns – all of whom were well-versed in tai chi. Every morning assembly before the classes started, all of us would practise tai chi.

      That was already relaxing but I can only imagine how things would’ve been if we also did some EFT! 🙂

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