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  1. Smile, breathe and write, it is quite amazing really to think that these things we don’t do enough is a natural cure to help us stop worrying but actually when you think about it in depth, it makes perfect sense really, I thought your post was extremely interesting and thank you for sharing this insight so now all I have to do is put these 3 things into my daily routine. It seems so basic but actually seems so right so I will make an extra effort to ensure I spend more time doing this as I am the world’s biggest worrier.

    Thanks for sharing this,

    1. Thanks for your comment, James. We’re happy you found this post informative.

      We wanted something that wouldn’t take too much time to do and what better way than those that we already do without thinking anyway. We just need to adjust the way we do them.

  2. Very interesting points and food for thoughts
    Thank you for your understanding of the common issues associated with today, day to day living, emotional trauma and how to recover.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Elizabeth, thank you very much for your kind post. We absolutely love your designs. Between the two of us, I usually write on my journal but I’ve tried and I am just not that artistic. Will definitely shoot you an email. 🙂

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