the unhealthy eating habits you should stop teaching your child - sticker chart - reward chart

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  1. Hey Jade; children differ in habits and behaviours.  While some children can be bribed with a reward to eat, there are those who will not eat the food they do not want to eat no matter what the parents’ reward might have been.

    Parents should find a better measure to attract their children to eating than to praise and reward them. The action could result in danger. Is there any way a parent can motivate a child to eat?


    1. Hi Dorcas, there are many ways but it depends on the child’s age. The methods that will work for a toddler will not necessarily work with a teenager for example. Though it may very well do.

      What age were you thinking of? 🙂

  2. Hi JADE, thank you very much for writing a great article about healthy eating habits for child. I think If we keep food choices healthy, our child is more likely to eat healthy. It’s that simple. The first step toward encouraging and teaching healthy eating habits is to fill our kitchen with a variety of nutritious foods. I hope to get more great article from you in the future.

  3. I’m going to be a daddy soon and these tips that you’ve shared, I will take note of all of them and apply to my own parenting. Based on your suggestion, at first it looks like parenting is a complicated process. But it’s worth a try, I will bookmark this beautiful website of yours, and apply what you’ve shared here. I think the real solution for a child that’s having an unhealthy eating habit is by explaining to the kid and making him or her understand the importance of having healthy eating habit.

    1. That’s awesome! Congratulations and hope you find my content useful when you embark on your parenting journey. 🙂

  4. I can only agree with your submission here on this post. Having some unhealthy eating habit could be result of the parent and the parent might actually be the ones that have impacted it on the children. This in any way can lead to other woeful and unsocial behaviours performed by the children. This is really great and I really fancy this a lot. Thumbs up to you for sharing these

  5. You have made some great points here about praising your child in a less absent-minded way. This will work well not only for eating badly but also for other life situations.

    It is extremely difficult to get your child to eat healthily all the time, and I think the most important thing is to have healthy food choices on hand for when they are feeling hungry, and not forcing them to eat if they are not. They say that a child will never starve himself, when he is hungry he will eat with or without our interference.

    1. Yes, exactly that. Most of the time, we’re not prepared and many times, my son ended up with something sugary because I didn’t have anything healthier ready for him.

      One time, we were on a train to Edinburgh. The whole trip should’ve lasted no more than 20 minutes and we were going to have lunch in the city.

      Something happened and we were stuck on that train for about 2 hours. They didn’t have any food onboard except for crisps.

      My poor son had three packets of salted crisps because he was so hungry.

      I was really feeling awful for not bringing food for him but the whole point of the trip was to go have lunch somewhere nice. 

      Now, I always have fruit packed in his bag just in case.

  6. Thank you first for giving us such a beautiful article. Strongly agree with you because I think every parent should stop their children from eating unhealthy foods. From an early age, they should be refrained from eating unhealthy foods and discouraged. We have to bring good food in front of them so that the children do not eat with pleasure and tell them that if they eat this food, they will be given a gift. I want to read the book you mentioned about children’s food, and I want to know more

  7. I agree with what you wrote, Jade. Eating should never be connected to the reward – praising system. Because that can lead to life long battle with food. I am a big supporter of intuitive eating. And to teach our children about it – that’s the way to go!

    ”When children realise that they will get X if they do as asked, they’ll ignore their bodies’ signals and keep eating to get the reward they want”. Exactly! We should listen to them more, and assume less…

    1. Yes, you’ve put it so beautifully! We should listen more and assume less. I love it! Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences. 🙂

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