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  1. I must say have been really lucky I never had to utilize either method but I was so intrigued by these methods. I created a calculator on my own sometimes ago, that works out the exact numbers. There is no doubt that the majority of the time Avalanche is cheaper. That said, snowball is around also for a reason, and as you said it depends on one’s need and personality.

    1. Jordan, that’s amazing! Good for you.

      We never thought we’d need to use these either until we did. We really wish we’d known better but there you are. At least now, we have tools and hopefully, by writing about them, we can help others too.

  2. There is indeed a lot of point in what you have put together here, I am a typical example of someone who pays debt wrongly after reading this article,  I usually use my emotional feelings to pay of debt which I have realized shouldn’t be done. I love the concept and guide laid out to educate people on what they ought to do when settling debts. I’m glad I found this sooner. Thanks.

    1. You’re welcome but remember that emotions are valid so whichever one you choose, will still work out for you. It’s just snowball will take slightly longer than avalanche. It’s totally fine though because the important thing is you don’t give up mid-way and if that means rewarding your emotions then why not?

  3. Haha, I hadn’t heard of either of these approaches to debt before… I’ve got to say, at first, they both sound more like something that should be avoided! Kidding aside, thank you for laying out the differences between the two methods and the advantages of each. I personally would prefer to pay the least amount in overall interest — it’s just a matter of making the smartest money moves without letting emotions dictate the success.

    1. Haha you’re absolutely right! They should be avoided in that we shouldn’t need them in the first place. How not to go mental and max out your credit cards should be taught in school. 

    1. Thanks very much, Nikki. We’re really happy that you found our tips and content valuable. We used to feel exactly the same way – like there’s always too many days at the end of the month and really had no idea where all our money was going. If you’re interested in developing a simple and actionable plan, you might be interested in our post, The K&J 2019 Financial Plan.

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