How Can I Spend Less Money For Christmas - man making a Christmas budget

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  1. Thank you so much for your advice about buying our necessary goods long enough before Christmas.  The main problem is that I always think about but I keep postponing until the prices get expensive. 

    And I try to put a budget but most of the time it does not work. 

    I thought about getting some second-hand toys and I want to try doing that one day.


  2. I can not really believe that we are getting closer to November yet. How fast the days go by! Every year when we get into November I start to ask how can I spend less money for Christmas? Because I’ve got many loved ones who are expecting me to give them some present. Most often I tend to neglect to prepare gifts earlier to carry on my mission. But thanks to your reminder post I am going to create a list now and write down a calculated budget as well as receivers name to devote a reasonable budget. Thanks

  3. Christmas is actually the most celebrated season all around and it’s of no doubt that it consumes a lot of our income, having articles like this at our disposal will be of great benefits and it’ll be help save cash. Every information in this article will be very useful, ranging from where to buy cheap stuffs, to when to buy things. Having lists of what you need will help you know where and where to divert the cash to and also shopping early will be a great help. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Some families save money on Christmas by not exchanging gifts at all, except for maybe giving gifts to the children. However, it does sound like a good idea for the relatives to agree amongst themselves who they wil be exchanging gifts with. Although it’s too late for this to be a money saving tip for this Christmas, another idea is to take advantage of after Christmas sales and store the things until the next Christmas. 

    1. That’s an excellent tip! I always miss the after Christmas sales but I’m going to make it a point to buy something this year – especially winter boots and clothes. Prices drop considerably. 🙂

  5. Thank you for these great tips on saving money this Xmas. It is always a silly season where everyone spends more than they actually need to and then get themselves into debt that they take half the year to repay.

    Now if you could please post some easy to make gifts that we can use to make for friends and family to save us even more money, this would be greatly appreciated, as I have zero creativity to think up any myself.

  6. To many people, Christmas is a really large project that takes almost all of their budgets and it’s really true that some people do it to the extent of running into debts, it’s so tragic. This is common to women, I can tell cos I have a great one at home here and she really spends a lot for Christmas which I’m certainly not too convenient with but what can I do. Prices always skyrocket whenever it’s close to Christmas so it’s always advisable to buy things before it becomes of utmost need. I’ll share this article with her and I’m sure she’ll grab a lot from it. Thanks a lot. 

  7. Thank you. This is something very important to me because I always end up spending more that I can afford. You gave some nice examples and alternatives I will really consider when I decide to go for Christmas shopping. Not only you can save money, but sometimes you do not even have to spend a dime – if you know what are you doing.


  8. Excellent ideas! When my wife and I first met we definitely went overboard purchasing gifts especially for the kids. Last year, however since we were trying to save up for a house (which we bought this past March, yay!). We were on a budget and stuck to it. Everything worked out much more smoothly and the kids still had a great Christmas. I really like your idea of the four gifts, something you want, need, eat and read. I think we will try that out this year! Thank you again for the great information! 

    1. You’re welcome, Travis. Thanks for popping by and sharing your experience. I’m also in danger of going overboard with gifts for my son and I always need to keep myself in check. haha

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