How Do I Survive Black Friday

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  1. Is there something wrong with me since I’d rather just pay full price and not deal with all the chaos? lol I’ve never been a big fan of Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday. It takes the joy away for me. I love the cross body bag above. I actually wear a travelers bag which is very slim. I wear it around my waist, under my clothes. It is much nicer than carrying a bag everywhere and keeps my essentials close, out of the way of sticking fingers AND no worries of me forgetting it somewhere either. Good luck with your Black Friday shopping!

    1. Nothing at all! I’m the same. I absolutely hate the chaos that happens in-store during these massive sales but thankfully, we don’t need to. Online works just as well (except for the potential overloading of servers that can cause the websites to crash, that is).

      That sounds like something I could use. What bag is it?

  2. Wow! what a detailed post Jade. I am impressed. I saved to to my secret boards to where I keep my money saving tips and will be sharing it to my public boards. The tips are great. Keep up the great work.

  3. I had no clue there were FB groups for Black Friday! Joining email newsletters for different retailers is a really great way to find out about black Friday deals early.

  4. Hello!

    Before making the purchase on Black Friday for everything you explain we must be prepared. 

    It will also be very important to establish how much money we plan to spend. If this is not well defined, we can have serious problems.

    I also love shopping online, we save time and money. 

    There are many tools that we can work to detect which is the best offer to prepare then. 

    Thank you

  5. This is easily one of the most in depth articles I have seen on Black Friday.  There are a couple of things that I find real important and I believe the readers should focus on.  First and foremost, safety!  I love how you put up out of site out of mind.  There is a lot of psychology to that.  People are far less likely to commit crimes if they are not tempted in some way.  I am glad you pointed this out, because during the rush of Black Friday, this is something that can be easy to forget!

    Also, as someone who studied Psychology in College, and really focused on Industrial Psychology, it is so important to remember that Black Friday was created and maintained by businesses.  They are going to get a good profit no matter what.  You have to keep that in mind when shopping.  Don’t overdo it during one time of the year, when sometimes ou may find that deal at another time of the year.

    1. We’re happy that you found this helpful. And thank you for sharing your experience and insight. Safety is indeed a priority! 🙂

  6. Before we shopped online, I didn’t get to excited about Black Fridays. But now it’s so convenient. And we can bring home so many great deals. But as you have stated, not everything that has the Black Friday label is a good deal. Proper research must be done. Thanks for these tips to research a products price before buying.

  7. Hi

    Funny to say, my family prepares for this season because you know, you get the best of deals. Everyone wants to shop on Black Friday. We try to save for it and do our purchases mainly online. You really have a wealth of resources here. Some years back, buying things on Black Friday was done on impulse. We see it, we like it, we buy it and we are in debt feeling really sad about what was suppose to bring happiness.

    Thank you for this content which will also help us this season to plan properly for Black Friday. We have a commitment not to buy anything that we can’t afford. We love to make our family happy but more importantly we want to make sure we have a great Christmas this year. That is why we are saving for it.

    Thank you for the information on how to get the best deal on Black Friday. Really appreciated.

  8. Oh! This is gold. I have bookmarked and will also share with friends that appreciate these tips too. You have thought in everything, from where we park our car, where we put our money when were shopping and even checking SSL certificate and using PayPal when we shop online. As you have stated, we should read this before every BlackFriday. Thank you very much!

  9. I do know a lot of people are all about the Black Friday craze but from my personal experience at least from the things I usually come across on Black Friday I have come to realize that the discount is not always as good as one might expect. Some products might just be $10 less than the original price and I end up just being annoyed that I had to wait this long for black Friday just for a $10 reduction in price. Maybe other people have the luck of getting a huge discount but from the items I normally go for they usually don’t have a lot of discounts.

  10. Great questions! Sometimes it’s all about literally surviving Black Friday with all those crazy shoppers out there, lol. I too can’t believe it’s already late in October but that means that holiday season is just around the corner. Online shopping truly makes Black Friday more enjoyable for me at least. You’ve provided lots of solid recommendations throughout this article, and I’m particularly interested in Slickdeals and Amazon Price Tracker. I am bookmarking your post so that I may check out your links more thoroughly. Thank you for some great Black Friday recommendations and advice!

    1. Thank you! I can’t even remember the last time I shopped in-store, it’s been so long. I’m really thankful that online shopping is now possible. I’d never be able to enjoy Black Friday without it.

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