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  1. I never had to start a blog part time while working full time, Kevin and Jade, but I cannot agree with Slavica enough on NEVER giving up. This journey is fun mostly but in moments, when you face your deepest fears and frustrations, it gets really, really tough. Do not give up at those points. See the journey through. You will succeed if you follow your passion, trust and allow success to find you. It just happens, with your 100 percent commitment to helping people for free. It just does. Eventually, you appear everywhere, people buy your stuff, money flows in, you feel awesome helping folks.

    But you need to NEVER give up, for this to happen.

    Inspiring stuff!

    1. Hi Ryan, thank you very much for stopping by with your usual kickass and timely comments.

      You’ve described the process accurately – mostly fun but can get really, really tough. We’ve just had that wee blip the past few days but are, thankfully, still pushing forward. That said, I think a holiday is in order. Or at least, sleep. Lots of sleep.


      PS. Are you psychic? Asking for a friend…:-D

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