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  1. Thanks for the great article Jade. I have recently started a blog and it is really difficult to get out of google sandbox. Moreover, the niche I am targeting is probably very competitive but has a lot of value. Its been 5 months since launch and I have still not ranked for many keywords.

    My question is should I start the email subscription on my website or wait for things to grow and then start accepting email subscription.

    And finally, keep posting!

    1. Hi Amey,Β 

      I am grateful for your comment on my article about getting traffic to your blog. I tried answering your question about when to build an email list inΒ one paragraph or so – but it just can’t be done. The short and sweet answer is that it depends on you. But let’s face it that doesn’t really help when you’re brand new, does it? πŸ™‚

      There are so many factors that you need to consider, so I ended up writing a post for you instead.Β 

      I hope you like it and good luck on your journey!Β 

      Yours sincerely,Β 

    2. It is astonishing to me that this information is not available in the myriad guides, courses and coaching programs that cloud the “industry” for newcomers. It’s the most useful article I’ve read in the 2 years I’ve been wasting developing my blog,
      It would definitely have caused me to re-think the whole enterprise.
      Thanks so much for publishing.
      Jack Coleman

  2. “it depends”
    i’m going to cry……

    Really blogging i is very hard. I started a website previous year and income is 31 cens, don’t laugh… i started this as a passion.
    i still confused,does more traffic means more money. plz don’t say right traffic

    plz response…….

    1. I agree. It is very hard! Especially when it feels like you’re not getting anything out of your hard work.

      More traffic generally means more money. If you are using it well. How exactly are you monetising your website? Where are your readers based and who is your audience?

      Also, how many posts do you have? How often do you post and how (and where and how often) do you promote what you’ve posted?

      All these things can affect how much money you make. πŸ™‚

      If you email me your website link, I can take a look and make a few suggestions.

  3. Hello, There are definitely other affiliates that also include a “boost” type of program where you’ll earn more if your website has enough traffic to qualify. I have often asked myself this question. I still have not come to know how much traffic I need to make money with my blog. I thus found your post very informative. There are general rules to follow but after than any blogger should be able to have flexibility and find opportunities that will make his blog more competitive. Thanks for your best guide. 

  4. You have some very great points here and I fully agree with you when you say “it depends” when it comes to traffic, visitors and page views. When I started blogging I was totally consumed with finding as much information as I could on how to get this to be running at peak efficiency, but quickly found out that it was a waste of time because I should have been focusing more on creating content.

    Publishing content that employs proper SEO techniques will get you higher rankings but a blogger must also do some self promoting to further help get their content seen. I too use niche targeted Facebook Groups as well as other social media outlets. Getting organic traffic through the search engines is my number one goal but placing my content in front of a targeted audience helps to increase traffic.

    As you state above, there are many factors that will go into determining how much traffic we will get. My number one focus is publishing as much quality SEO content as I can. Unfortunately this takes time for me because I like doing a lot of SEO planning in the researching of targeted keywords and the all-important LSI keywords that many bloggers tend to overlook. All in all a blogger must have patience.

  5. Oh, traffic. Even if a blogger isn’t trying to get fame or fortune, it’s still a good feeling if people are reading all your posts and waiting for more. You’re right about the fact that being overwhelmed is a common thing for most newbies. I’ve known more experienced bloggers that occasionally get sidetracked by the whole business side of things. I’m not there yet, but I know that many bloggers actually do become successful. One must be patient but diligent to start getting serious traffic and then getting that traffic to spend money. It’s great that you are giving your readers this encouragement.

  6. I must say that you have given a great deal of information on this new as traffic is one of the most important ingredient to make money from your blog, I ever knew This still a few months back and I swear since then I have been working hard and I have able to get up to 7k PVS,but I think trying not it this programme would shot me even higher.

  7. Certainly, this post has me thinking. I wonder why I hadn’t consider PVs in relation to the money that is made through a blog. I think your post has helped me with the proper focus. I am eager to read some of the additional posts that you have linked here. I believe this is very good information especially for someone like me that is still relatively new to blogging. 

  8. Hi! Thank you for this explanation. I like that you have given an answer considering everything. And the answer is that we can’t come up with an amount of visitors because there are so many factors involved. Every niche is different and our ability to market our audience is also key. So having this knowledge will help me focus on these aspects that help our blogs generate revenue. Thank you!

    1. You’re welcome, Ann. That’s exactly it. Of course, the more traffic, the better – usually. But again, it depends on how well you’re monetising that traffic, doesn’t it?

  9. Very well written and informative, very well laid out site, very professional, lots of info to digest, I am new to, and trying to figure out how to get traffic is my biggest concern. This post has answered a lot of the questions I have, now all I have to do is implement.

  10. It takes one sale to make money. It will probably take more than one sale to make a profit.

    I always recommend people considering an online business to develop a business plan. The plan should include a financial projection to determine the breakeven point. The breakeven point is where profits exceed expenses.

    If newbies are going to join an ad network like Adsense. They make money as soon as they get traffic and the ad network displays ad impressions. The amount of money made will be fractional.

    On the other hand, if newbie plans on promoting products to earn commissions, then they will have an idea of the commission percentage and amount of money they make on each sale. Conversion rates average about 5%, some higher or lower depending on the niche. Anyone can work the numbers backward to determine the number of sales needed to cover their expenses. Over time, a person can determine how many visitors click through to the product page and purchase a product. This is the conversion rate. The marketer needs the number of site visitors, number of visitors that click through (Click Through Rate), and the number of conversions.

  11. Thanks for this beautiful post about making money through traffic and how much traffic could generate. I’ve been caught up in this mess sometimes ago concerning how to figure out the enough traffic to get me a great conversion rate. I had over 10PV then and my blog was making less than 300$ in a month. But now that I have understood everything concerning traffic and expectations, I would be ready to invest more on targeting my audience rather than being broad. Thanks

  12. Thank you and good article. I am using the wealthy affiliate platform and they taught me a lot about keywords and niches. I can’t say everything they taught me because it was part of the course but I will say that so far the $20 premium membership and $14 domain I bought through them has been a good value.

    I am about 2 weeks into it. I have somewhere around 10 articles and most of them are indexed on Google unless they are under construction. I am receiving comments on my website. How do comments affect Google rankings? That is something I am beginning to wonder. One thing that excites me is when I find a good keyword for the topic I want to write about.

    1. Hi Charles, thanks for sharing. You’re in the right place since Wealthy Affiliate was a game-changer for us. We stumbled upon it quite by accident whilst we were experiencing the very common 3-month slump and was instrumental in helping us move past it.

      Regarding comments – it’s a bit tricky. Some experts say that comments are essential because they show Google that people are going to your website and probably find the information there valuable. Some say comments make a blog a blog. There are also some whispers of comments being instrumental to traffic because they essentially increase your word count, which of course is good.

      At the same time, some other experts say they require more work than they’re worth (because you also get a lot of spammy comments) or that comments don’t really do anything for SEO or traffic.

      It really depends on you as there’s no consensus. We personally love interacting with our readers so we leave the commenting facility turned on.

  13. This is great advice! I’m relatively new to blogging so getting page views this high seems a very distant dream, however I’ve bookmarked this page for advice when I’ve started to generate more traffic. Becca x

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by, Becca. I think it always feels that way. I certainly remember when I used to stare into Google Analytics and agonise over the fact that I don’t see any visitors on my site (I was lucky to get one or two). Now, fast forward 6 months, loads of chocolate and cups of coffee later, we’re seeing some progress. Just keep going and learning and don’t stop. πŸ™‚

  14. There are definitely other affiliates that also include a “boost” type of program where you’ll earn more if your website has enough traffic to qualify. Do the programs at Mediavine  and / or AdThrive pay significantly better than others? Were you still using any of these programs (with lower earning rate) before you got the minimum PV’s for the premium network (or do they require that traffic before you can join)?

    1. Hi Aly, we only recently started working with an ad network because we weren’t too sure about how ads fit our site. We didn’t really want them to look out of place. We ended up going with because it uses text-based ads instead of images. We personally find image-based ads a bit jarring, whereas text-based ones (if formatted to follow your branding) can almost flow seamlessly.

  15. Hi Kevin and Jade,

    This’s a good, informative read. 

    I have often asked myself this question. I still have not come to know how much traffic I need to make money with my blog. I thus found your post very informative. 

    I used to keep checking my traffic every few minutes a day until it hit me that money from a blog was not made by too much analysis. Rather, attracting and retaining visitors then growing their numbers is what i needed. Now I’m working on the blog as a business and so making slight progress. However, I still need to reevaluate my content to agree with what you are insisting on. That is, strategically monetizable content. I need more information on how the Monumetric Propel Program works because I’m almost at their lower limit. Any information will be welcome. Thanks.


    Boniface- AndroidBix 

    1. Hi Boniface,

      You’re right. Obsessively analysing stats will definitely NOT help. We know this from experience too. Keep doing the work that will bring in traffic (reading emails and checking out stats don’t fall in this category) and let go of the rest. Check your GA stats a few times a day. We tend to check during the day to see if we’re hitting our goal so that we know if we need to amp up our promotion. Remember, you don’t need thousands of PVs a day to get 10KPVS a month. You just need 333 PVs per day. So, set that as a goal and keep promoting. 

      We’ll be publishing a more detailed post on how to get traffic and on Monumetric’s Propel Program so keep an eye out. πŸ™‚

  16. I’m liking this article, since one of my blogs is going to be highly focused on traffic now that I’m breaking 100 page views per day a few times a week. Nothing to brag about, but for a growing blog that’s less than a year old with one clear-cut, focused niche, I’m happy with the way it’s been going, especially since as recent as June, I was in the crowd that was happy to see double-digit page views per day. Something I was doing wrong was thinking that it was users, and not page views that I needed to worry about, but I definitely will start focusing more on page views. My bounce rate is still high on the site, but what’s odd is my page view count is much higher than my actual users, which I find kind of strange, but I’m sure there’s a reason behind it. 

    1. Hi Todd, thanks for your comment and congratulations on your progress. I still remember the day our bog hit 100 PVs on a single day. We were giddy and relieved. So, definitely celebrate that because it means you’ve not given up and you keep going, which is really the one thing you really need. Someone told us once that “You only really fail the day you quit” and that is definitely true.

      Blogs, in general, see a higher bounce rate than other types of websites because your visitors typically read one post and then “bounce off”. There are quite a lot of things you can do to alleviate that (we’ll have to write a new post about it so keep an eye out). But depending on your niche, you might just have to accept a high bounce rate.

      As for your page view, it will be higher than actual users or even visits because if one user goes to another page (which we tend to do on a new blog – after reading a post, we then go to the About Me page) then that user has had 2 pageviews. πŸ™‚

      Anyway, congratulations once again and do let us know if we can help in any way. We love hearing success stories. 

  17. Very nice article. It’s really hard to give specific answers when it comes to monetizing a blog. There are simply so many variables that any of them can make a difference and it’s not the same with all blogs so giving a definite answer on what can bring money is impossible. There are general rules to follow but after than any blogger should be able to have flexibility and find opportunities that will make his blog more competitive.

    1. Exactly, Stratos! You said in one paragraph what took us an entire post to explain ha ha I love it! πŸ™‚

  18. I’m very glad to have come across your post.  I have been blogging for over a year now and I’m yet to make a sale.  Reading your post gave me loads of ideas and told me basically where I could be going wrong!

    I’ve got Wealthy Affiliate on my side and like you said their training is superb, you just can’t fault it.  I think my problem lies with social media and maybe a few paid ads too.   See what I mean, ideas are flowing.  Thanks for the direction and great post!

    1. Hi Derek, happy to know that we were able to help and spark ideas. Ideas are always good in our book. Let us know if we can help in any way. πŸ™‚

  19. Your site is informative and I learn from it. You gave also some site where to advertise traffic site. Your site is easy to understand very unique.

    When you said you have to be patient, I agree with that because you can’t earn money if you are not patient and hardworking and also don’t forget don’t give up easily.

  20. This is a topic that I can never read too much about. I have been working on my blog for a long time now and it’s slowly, very slowly improving. I get about 1.1k view a month and I wish i was making a steady income from it, but I’m not. I only post once a week because my life is very busy at the moment. I figured it’s better to post once a week at the same time than twice one week and no times the next. 

    I hope you see much success from your blog and thanks for a great post.

    1. Yes, Hollie, consistency is key and far more important than blasting posts every day for one week and then crickets for a few months because you ran out of time. Once a week is fine as long as you’re promoting the heck out of that one post. Leverage all your social media and use some free schedulers just to get your blog out there. When you’re starting out, you need to look for the traffic because it’s not going to come to you immediately. 

      Congratulations on your progress! Enjoy it even if you know it could be better. Remember, when you first started, you were on 0 PVs a month and now you’re at 1.1K. That’s definitely cause for celebration. πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Kevin and Jade,

    This was really interesting read for me as someone who has questioned this same thing many times in the past.

    When I first started I was so desperate to get traffic that I wanted to find quick ways round it, often its a case of being not only consistent but also patient and you will see that traffic rise.

    I am now at a couple of thousand page views a month and I have noticed revenue picking up with the increase in page views. 

    I think this is a great guide for anyone new to this as understanding the process of creating a website and making money is quite important.

    Anyway thanks again,


    1. That’s excellent, Josh! Congratulations! Once you start earning revenue, you begin to realise that it’s the real deal. Keep us posted. πŸ™‚

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