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  1.  Dear Jade.

    This is really educating and helpful article. I have been working as an affiliate for about a year, through my experience I have learnt that new affiliates fail to succeed due to lack of patience. Thank you for addressing this issue in this article. You have insisted that people should never give up. Giving up is the reason for failure to many affiliates. This article is of great importance to young affiliates. All the best.


    1. Hi Baraka, I agree completely and this is something that I also have to remind myself. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  2. For someone like me who has joined Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago, this is really helpful. It is a big morale booster because it’s not always easy at first. I am at the wealthy affiliate university taking classes and it’s been really good though. I hope to be as successful as Nathaniel and take an interview and talk about how far I’ve come too. Great stuff here!

    1. Thanks, Henderson. We were thrilled when he agreed to take part in the series precisely because we knew it would be a great morale booster for many in the WA community. Glad it’s serving its purpose. 🙂

  3. Nathaniell, you inspired me. I have just started my affiliate marketing journey only a year and I am still trying to find the balance between my full-time job, family and writing my blog. Thank you for sharing your mistake, I think I am suffering from the keyword as well. Will come up with better-related topics like you mentioned. Thanks again for your advice, I will suck it up 🙂

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