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  1. I do the same way but do not write it down it is only in my mind. I do not write the overall strategies and goals I want every week or every month. Instead, I write what to do every day including both my work and my scheds inadvertently together also with my wife and in addition to my only child. I would say your target you gave yourself for August is daunting in terms of work and the demand for consistency and output should maintain a certain degree of content and value of quality. Remember we are not going to make blogs just for the heck of making 12 in a month for example. We need quality and frequency as many as humanly possible without giving you a stress and anxiety problem. So when you are putting up your goals like your August 2019 goals, it should be achievable, realistic and there should be a much larger measure of inspiration and passion than of mental anxiety. So if you could do that, then it is great doing it as a tandem, husband, and wife. This makes the burden cut in half already and there is more team spirit where your bonding becomes fruitful and spiritual without mentioning the monetary consideration of it all. In the end, I would say it is rather fantastic to venture on such great goals.

    1. We completely agree that goals should not make one anxious or overwhelmed or else, you run the risk of quitting altogether. It’s all about pacing and the ability to realistically check goals with current commitments. 

      Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. There’s always so much to do when it comes to blogging.
    I agree that blogging and posting them three times a week is great, but maybe not everyone can do this. I try and get two done every week because quite frankly, I just don’t have time to get anymore than two done.
    Traffic is the lifeblood of any blog or website so of course, this is the top priority and again takes time to do.
    Between blogging, social media, guest blogging and everything else, my plate is full.
    But goals are made to be set and met. So it’s important to do the best we can to make it happen.
    Do you agree that we should set the bar high but not out of reach?

    1. We completely agree, Rob. Otherwise, you’ll set yourself up for overwhelm, frustration and disappointment.

      When we first started out, we only published a post once a week. About 5 months in, we started publishing twice a week – one on a Monday (the over 1k words post) and one on a Friday (the inspirational but very short max 500 words post).

      Now that we’ve opened up The Beyond The 9-5 Series, we’ve started publishing on a Wednesday too.

      So, that’s 3x a week now and 12 posts a month.

      Of course, some bloggers write 3x a day (like Ryan Biddulph here: https://liveablissfullife.com/2019/08/how-to-blog-from-paradise/) whilst others only write once a month.

      It really depends on you, what your plans are for your blog and what time you have available. There’s no point in publishing every day this week and then crickets for the next month because you ran out of time. 🙂

      And don’t get us started on social media. Hah! We can’t even do a proper digital detox anymore, thanks to the need to promote online.

  3. Thanks Kevin and Jade. It is nice of you to put out a post like this. You are a very inspirational person and you have a lot of good energy and all your posts. Thanks for asking about my goals for August of 2019.

    I am a little unconventional when it comes to goals in that I prefer to let go of goal setting and just to let myself be. I have a lot of natural tendencies to do things that a lot of people associate with goals. For example I love to workout end I working out everyday unless I’m overtrained. But I don’t need to make a goal of it because it’s just something I love to do.

    Every month my strength increases a bit which is reflected in the amount of weight I use in my weight lifting. But I don’t set goals for it because I know it’s going to happen and I just tried to be happy with whatever I get. Like for example some people might say they want to add 10 lbs to their squat this month but for me I just know that I’m going to get some gainz and I’d rather just wait and see what they are.

    What’s my website, again, I never know what’s going to happen so I just tried to be open to the process. Like I don’t want to lock myself into a goal because for example today there was an issue with some of the code on my website that I had to respond to and I had to be flexible. So I think that’s what I’m trying to say is that I tried to be free of goals and just be flexible.

    I do not mean any of that to undermine the message in your post. I think different things work for different people and if goals excite you and make you happy about life than that’s wonderful. That is just what comes up for me around goals.

    1. Charles, that sounds like a fantastic way to live. I’m actually weaning myself off of a tendency to over-plan and set too many goals. I know what overwhelm, disappointment and burn out feel like and I’ve got no one to blame but myself. The fact that we only have 5 personal goals each and 10 blogging goals, is still something I’m surprised at. I used to write an entire page-full of goals. Hah!

  4. Fantastic read! This is great and personal to everyone. This also is good to learn from and gets the mind going. My experience with the topic is that everyone has a goal, however the choice is theirs if they want to find the potential within and fulfill that goal. It takes hard work but if you write it on paper then at least you have started. 

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