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  1. Hi Kevin & Jade,
    Ryan did it right. By facing his fears he could change his life.
    Something which most people are not doing and continue living in survival mode.
    May people be inspired by this post.
    Thank you

  2. Wow, what an inspiring story! Some days it is just so hard to keep going when nothing goes right, but knowing it is ok to fail and that everyone does help me realize its time to keep pushing through if it is something you really want. Thanks for such an inspiring post. Love the new series, Jade!

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Thank you very much for your comment. It’s easy for us to get intimidated by the success of others and this story is a good example. Ryan is so successful now that it’s hard to think of him as experiencing difficulty when first starting out. But we all go through the learning curve, don’t we? And we just need to be patient and not to give up…and especially, to enjoy the process. 🙂


  3. Oh how I would love to blog from my paradise and never have to worry about money! I like the freedom of all that is being said and abandoning my 9-5 is one of my number one objectives. Hopefully by the end of the year I should be blogging from paradise too!

    I have learnt that trusting the process and patience is the key to success. Value + Friendship= MONEY. I love this.

    I have started blogging and I must take the advice of having fun, trusting and relaxing. Above all, doing uncomfortable things to get comfortable in the future.

    Thank you for giving us such an awesome interview with valuable tips.

  4. Inspiring, encouraging and informative…. lots of good take aways for me from your article, thank you. As one who is working on the wonderful world of blogging, I found the interview with Ryan not only enjoyable to read but seeded with many useful nuggets of knowledge on the subject. My imagination is now scanning the scenes of me on a beach or in a cool cabana putting down volumes of meaning messages for a waiting crowd of followers. Thanks again!

  5. WOW!!! Great article, enjoyable experience to make it, helping people, building brand and having fun of it, really am motivated by your write-up with this,everything gets easy when you genuinely face your fears and feel these unpleasant emotions,I will make it by doing the difficult things regularly, I can say, so far your article is one of the best have ever read. Thank you for this helpful write-up

  6. Thank you for this great post!  I love it when I come across others who have done what I’m looking to do and are where I want to be.  It gives me a boost of confidence that I’m heading in the right direction.

    My end-goal, as far as retirement goes, is to be in Alaska during the summer and on a boat in the tropics during the winter (and, of course, I’ll sprinkle in traveling around the world).  That’s why I started blogging because I can do it from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection.

    It’s kind of funny, I got into it to make money at the start but I’ve found that helping others is very rewarding in itself (I know that sounds like a sound bite but it’s true) and it’s contagious.

    It’s nice to know that the difficulties life throws at you can be overcome and that I’m not the only one to experience them (not that I’m glad Ryan had to go through them, it’s just nice to know other’s have shared my pain and frustrations).

    Thanks again, this was a great read,


    1. Thanks for sharing your experience, Scott. Success leaves clues as they say and most successful people want others to succeed too. Blogging especially is a highly collaborative venture, which we’re really happy about. Good luck on your blog and do keep us posted. 🙂

  7. Excellent article you have up here and I did learn a lot through this Ryan. I must be honest, reading about successful people who faced all the hurdles of life talk about their fears and challenges that pushed them to success is always a great way to push myself beyond the limits. Blogging from anywhere (paradise) is seeming like a dream to me but I must surely achieve the dream. His lifestyle inspired me a lot. He even writes more than 3posts in a day, that’s massive! Wow! I wish I will get to that level too someday

    1. Yes, we met because I came across a post on his blog and commented about how I feel blogging overwhelm. He wrote me an email containing a link to a blog post he just wrote to answer my question. I was very impressed and that’s really what blogging is all about – making relationships. 🙂

      Just keep going. Stay consistent and eventually, you’ll get to his level and you won’t even have noticed it. 🙂

  8. Hi Kevin and Jade,

    I’m happy to read your article today to learn more about how to leave my 9 – 5 job and start a new career writing a blog.

    Thanks for sharing this interesting interview with Ryan, I took some note from your article and I will keep in my mind to start working on my blog for 2 – 3 hours per day and enjoy the work I do on it!

    As my blog grows I will keep working longer hours on it, a good tip is to have fun and make friendships! 

    Now, I’ll take a look at some other articles on your website!


    1. Hi Alejandra, glad you found our post helpful. Consistency is key so if you carve some time out that’s dedicated to your blog, you’ll soon find that you’re getting there a lot faster. Thanks for commenting. 

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