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  1. Wow🤩 This is an amazing idea to get things done faster and better! Especially for people like who do more than one job a day and still get to do house chores. Though it’s my first time of hearing about this ‘Pomodoro’ exercise but no doubt! It will be of great benefit to me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. iHi, Thank you so very much for your Article on how to pomodoro is 7 easy steps. i came to the understanding that i just hve to give myrself a llonger break after four Pomodoro sessions between 20-30 minute break with which i should think or do something completely different from the task at hand so as to help myr brain assmilate the information i have already gathered.

  3. Hello,

    Such a useful content I ever read! To be frank, I had never heard about pomodoro. When I see your article title I got some interest to know what is it. And realised It’s a technique to save your time with fill up your task gently. It’s a good method to do one task at a time. In our busy schedules it’s tough to maintain any technique but this pomodoro technique will be more effective for us.

    Thanks for sharing this content with us. I’ll definitely try this method and will share with my friends also.

  4. Me too. I also have a hard time focusing on a task – especially a sedentary one (studying, writing, meditating etc.) for more than half an hour. Often times, I would snack, check my phone (that one is a BIG distraction) or play with my cat during short breaks. This work pattern usually fits my momentum but I didn’t know there’s a scientific name to it. Pomodoro, now I know. 

    Good tip on setting a timer. Better than always looking at the clock, which again is another distraction.  

  5. On seeing this heading i was really eager to know what the article will be about , and reading through this post was worth every second spent. Time management is something many people do not know how to do and personally i am not goods at it either. On reading this post i realize making a task and drafting it well would have great effect in helping one manage time well. Also taking a break would give you time to relax your mind and after the break one would have a more refreshed mindset to continue. I would love to adopt Pomodoro as well.

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