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  1. I was working for a company for 9 years when I decided to relocate to be closer to family.  The company kept me working remotely for a year and a lot of these concerns were very present.  At times it was hard to stay as connected as I was at the office.  On the flip side, I had more dedicated time without distractions from co-workers and was able to be more productive when working.  I found it sometimes hard to be confined to my house both during and after work, so making time to go for a run over lunch or work from a coffee shop was most welcomed.  After I transitioned from that job to working for myself, I felt the need to get a remote site away from home to be more productive.  Because, at this point, I was solely accountable to myself and the work that I needed to get accomplished.

    If someone is considering remote work, some companies may offer working from home a few days a week.  At this point you can figure out if this is something you would like to do part-time, full-time, or never.  

    1. Those are all excellent points.

      Especially the need to work away from home to be productive. In fact, tomorrow, I’m due to go to our local library to work there the entire day. 

      I’ve not been able to focus on my work as much as I would like because there are just too many distractions at home.

      It doesn’t help that I don’t have a dedicated office at home but am having to share communal space with the rest of the family.

  2. All of these tips are great and I know for me if can be hard to separate work from home life and in doing so I get to have a relaxing time for me. Learning to plan your schedule of work is also important as I had not really been doing it, just working when I got up. Which of these tips are most important to you?

    1. Hi Jon, as you said, these tips are quite relevant but if I had to choose one, I’d choose the one that reminds us to create a working atmosphere – mainly because that’s where my hang-up is just now. I’m sharing communal spaces with the rest of the family and that can really slow down productivity. 

      When I have a tight deadline, I have to make sure to go out of the house in order to work. Luckily, our local library is only 10 minutes away.

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