Sometimes Giving Up Is The Perfect Solution - woman on couch looking out the window

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  1. Jenna is an interesting person. I have followed her vids on and off, for years. You know what I learned, Jade? COMPLETE surrender into the process helps you to apologize effortlessly and to absolutely let go the idea of making mistakes. Like, the ego and its judgment vanishes, you accept yourself – mostly – and the apologizing is heartfelt, seamless and loving.

    Plus, you become silly prolific with this mind-heart set. I create 10-20 pieces of content daily thru the concept of surrender. All about that complete surrender. When you give it all up, endless ideas flow to you, you execute without judgment and everything flows.

    Super message my friend!

    1. That’s interesting. It never would’ve occurred to me to connect surrender with the ability to apologise but you’re right. Thinking back on those moments when I didn’t want to apologise and then changed my mind and did…This morning, I had a wee fight with my young son and both of us were bull-fighting mad. After 20 minutes of power walking on the way to nursery, I took a deep breath and expelled it and then I apologised. But not before experiencing a feeling of complete surrender, a melting of resistance. What a way to look at it. Thanks, Ryan, for the clarity of your mind. 🙂

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