toddler playing with train set - The Top Christmas Gifts For Train Loving Toddlers

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  1. I love the train furniture! That’s so cute! The train rack is very useful. All the little trains can be stored there instead of me tripping over them again and again ;-). The storage cube is a nice alternative, but I think I prefer the rack. It looks nice on the wall (in my boy’s room)

    The train writing desk made me chuckle. That one is adorable! It will make writing fun! This one will make such a wonderful gift! They seem to have everything in train themes, T-shirts, even toothbrushes! I guess that makes it impossible to disappoint a little train fan 🙂

    1. Hi Christine, that’s exactly it! We have a few racks on the wall that hold not just trains but tubs of water-based paints as well. They’re quite versatile.

  2. The train-themed furniture looks like it would be the most fun for a toddler. Both the bed and the writing desk are attractive and practical. The child would probably enjoy putting his toys away in the storage chests that have trains on them. The dental care set is also a good idea for a gift, and one that not a lot of people would think of. 

  3. Hi

    You have a beautiful selection of gifts for train-loving children. I did not know that they made so many different thing with trains on them. It is no surprise that there is so many Thomas the Tank engine related products, which is still popular after many years of service. All of the gifts look stunning and it looks promising for my train-loving nephew, who is heavily into Thomas the Tank engine.

    I also hope you have a selection of train sets for little big kids as well.



  4. Hi there,

    Wow, an incredible list of trains, I found it really useful!

    My nephew is going to be 5 years old at Christmas, so I thought it could a beautiful present for his birthday and Christmas too:)   I will choose the train bed; I am sure he will love it! I just would like to know. Is it easy to assemble the pieces?

    Also, is there a warranty? If so, what is the limit time?

    Thank you for this great post!

    1. Hi, Daniella. Glad we were able to help. I would recommend contacting their customer service regarding warranty as it needs to be a request. You might also want to check the height and weight limits as this is geared towards toddlers so a tall 5-year old may no longer fit. 🙂

  5. I totally get kids who love trains, as I was one of them. I loved taking our yearly trip on a train where you could sleep in the bunk bed and listen to the clickety-clack. I also love my train set and was permanently expanding my rails to get my train to go new routes.

    Now of course even the younger child is catered for, and the Thomas the Train bed is delightful. What I wouldn’t have done for a bed like that.

    I also love the idea of the train rack. In this way, you can see exactly what train you want without having to dig in a box, and it looks very attractive having all your trains on display like that.

    1. Yes, there are so many options these days. It’s amazing! 

      Thanks for popping by and sharing your experiences. 

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