what is the cry it out method - crying infant

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  1. CIO is traumatic and unnecessary! I agree that one of the most important things is routine – a warm, comforting bed-time ritual. My mom and dad always adding reading to us into the routine even before we could understand what was being read. My friend used a swaddling blanket with her kids – who are some of the only kids I am willing to baby sit – and they know that is a signal that it is time to rest.

  2. The CIO method isn’t you just leaving you baby to cry for hours you check and soothe the in increments. It works for some babies Ive known people and families who’ve done it, it’s no cruel! Leaving your baby for hours Is, but checking on them in 5 minutes increments is not. Co sleeping is much more dangerous! Do your research on what “CIO” really is and some of the research behind letting a baby cry before you go talking down parents who choose to do it. It’s no cruel if done correctly and sensibly.

    1. Hi Kay, thank you very much for taking the time to comment. Anything parenting-related is certainly controversial, isn’t it?

      It’s very difficult to write about because it’s a subject that is dear to most parents’ hearts. We all want and do the best for our children and our families.

      This post is certainly not intended to make parents feel judged. It’s merely a very brief summary of the current research regarding sleep and babies / young children.

      We provided five sources – all of them scientists and researchers – that you can look at to see that CIO does indeed offer no benefits and that there are other gentler alternatives that can help babies and young children (and consequently their primary caregivers) sleep.

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