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  1. The topic about When Moms Need A break has aroused my curiosity and I have read your entire article. In my humble opinion, take a break and being alone a few hours a day is a must. This instruction that you have shown on your post is definitely effective and keeps individual calm and makes people satisfy.

    Working on oneself is a great opportunity for both Women and Men to boost positive feelings and energy and being free of stress. As a result, you feel better along the way. Peace of mind is incredible! .I think that the Self-love concept is vital and if we truly take a break we then can rest assure that our whole body performance is getting better throughout the day. If you love yourself, then you can love others as well. Thank you

  2. Hi Jade. I was just looking for information to pass on to a female friend of mine who needs a break from the kids, the dogs, and even her husband. She is one of my best friends but we no longer live near each other. I have a lot of female friends because they know I treat them with respect and I think of them as equals with my male friends.

    They all tell me they feel safe with me and can hang out or go to a pub and not have to worry about me wanting to get physical with them, if you know what I mean. Like I have this one friend who lives about an hour away. She has a daughter who is 12 years old and twins (a boy and girl) who are 7, plus a cat and a dog.

    When the twins were not old enough for school she used to make it mandatory that they take a mid-day 1.5 to 2 hour nap. This gave her time to just chill out, especially since her other daughter was in school. She said that if she didn’t make nap time an absolute must, she would go nuts. Now that they are all in school things are much better.

    However there are still many times when she has a really stressful week and she will ask her husband to take care of the kids on a Saturday. Then the two of us (sometimes my girlfriend joins us) will go into New York for a baseball game and then out drinking, maybe not in that order. LOL. Fortunately her husband trusts me with her and she can let loose.

    Whether it is a 10 minute break to do some deep breathing while listening to music or a couple of hours during a daily nap time for the kids or being able to have someone watch the kids for several hours while you go out and party with friends, giving yourself time to do whatever you want will keep you stronger for the daily grind of motherhood.

    I am sure if my friend was typing this she would say, start a daily nap time for your kids not yet in school and start it as early in their lives as possible so it becomes routine for them. If you wait until they are older, it is too hard for the kids to adapt. Do it when they are young. This will program them to accept it and give you a daily hour or so to look forward to.

    1. Hi Robert, that’s excellent advice. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. I too rely on nap time a lot. Sometimes, I even sleep right beside my son. Highly recommend it. 🙂

  3. Hi Jade, this article resonates with me.

    I’m a dad. I had never fully understood a mother’s job. I know its important for the running of a household, but I never REALLY understood it, until recently.

    I’ve always been the full time bread winner of the family, working full-time and bringing in the money for my family and knew my partner was there keeping things alive, but I never realised how much work was involved until I had to live it, because the work I was involved with dried up.

    In my mind, whilst I was out working, I had this image that my partner was at home watching Netflix and eating nachos all day, but since I have been out of work and my partner is out working, i realise that is not the case.

    I thought that being home, I might be able to keep up the things that needed to be done and still have time for other things that might help bring some money into the family, but it just doesn’t seem to happen.

    There is always something else that needs to be done in the home and it’s nearly impossible to rest or work on something else until those things are done.

    At this time, I am the “mother” of the family and being is this position has given me a different perspective. I never thought that my partner at home needed a break too. Now I see the other side of the coin.

    From my perspective, from a man’s point of view, it can be so much easier to go to work and focus on one thing, than to stay at home and think of a million things.

    Respect for the moms!


    1. Hi Stevie, thanks for sharing your experience. You’re right it can get pretty manic and my husband didn’t understand either until I had to go to work and he was at home for two days. Suddenly, he understood where I was coming from. Regardless of the title though, I think the post is relevant to whichever parent happens to be staying at home more or less full-time so I hope you are taking care of yourself. Take a breather once in a while. You matter too. 🙂

  4. It feels great that there are people who actually understand situations like this. I am a mom of two. They are pre teens now so they are less dependent. They can tend to their own immediate needs and can do some chores like washing the dishes and cleaning up their room. Imagining the days when they are younger brings relief to me now. When they were little, I always feel tired from everything. I was always needed and there’s no stopping. Of course, I don’t regret giving them my whole time. It’s just that I was selfish to myself for not allowing me to spend a “me time” once a day. You were right, too much pressure will crack you up. It’ll make you yell, scream and mad about simple things. When it happened to me, I cried because I know it wasn’t me. I embraced motherhood more, learned to be patient and just let go of simple things like spilled milk or broken glasses. I am happier now with our situation but if there are people telling me that I should consider having another kid, I would directly tell them, no. It will be hard to go back to sleepless nights. At present, I am enjoying time for myself when my kids and husband go to school and work. 

    Thank for understanding mothers out there. Your advice is eye-opening. It’s not bad if moms could enjoy at least an hour a day for herself. It’s actually helpful for well being.

    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for commenting. I know exactly what you mean. I keep getting asked when we’ll have baby #2 and my reply is “Come here and help me with the housework full-time once the baby is born and we’ll consider making another one.” It is definitely not easy! 

  5. Without a doubt, I can say confidently that moms are heroes. They go through a lot and still try to think of their loved ones and take good care of them. They’ll do anything just like you said. I don’t think this world would be a good place if it weren’t for the caring moms. But, they also have problems. They are stressed too and need to take a rest. They need to “breathe a sigh of relief”…some KitKat too. This is a really helpful informative post. I endorse this and I’ll share it. Awesome!

    1. Thanks for commenting, Henderson. I agree – moms are heroes! I never really realised until after becoming a mom myself just what the word meant. 🙂

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