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  1. This has been a good read. One of the things I need to do immediately is stop worrying. I’ll follow the steps you mentioned here. And the other thing I must start doing right away is being grateful and stop complaining. I have even made good friends to get away from me due to me complaining all day long. Thanks for your post!

  2. Hi! This has been a very good post. There have been a couple of points in which I must put down my head in shame because I’m guilty. But I have really made up my mind to leave them in the past, continue without them. One of them is mindless spending. Shopping because I’m bored sounds so much like me. And the other is letting go the obsession over social media.

    1. Hi Ann, it’s a very normal feeling. I’m guilty of mindless spending too – which is how that ended up in the list. ha ha

      Anyway, we can only go forward, can’t we? Know better, do better, as they say. And also, remember what Jim Rohn said, “Use the past as a school, not a club…don’t beat yourself up with it.” Or something to that effect. 🙂

  3. Oh my god, I loved this post. I am certainly guilty of worrying and comparing myself to others, but I am doing everything I can to beat that unhealthy habit this year!

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