a womans guide to buying a business businesswoman in red while on the phone

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  2. What a great article! So many gems! I think my biggest take away is the self esteem portion. We really are our own biggest critics when it comes to almost everything. Gotta stop 2nd guessing and be clear!

    1. I love these tips! You couldn’t have said it better, I encounter this in the medical field most of the time or even when advocating for my kids at school or other places. It took me a while to learn to stand up for myself and others but I am happy I did. Yes, my English might not be perfect but I don’t allow that to deter me from standing up for myself, in fact, I challenge them or dare them to learn to another language other theirs. Nevertheless, I learned a few tricks from this article. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Good for you! It takes a long time for some people to learn how to do that. I certainly took years, after decades of conditioning that I’m supposed to be nice and being assertive means I’m being rude and aggressive.

  3. Great pointers here, Sarah! It is a challenge to survive in the so-called man’s world. In my corporate career days, I worked in a male-dominated environment too, and was the only woman on the sales force. The fact that I did well did not sit well and I often had obstacles thrown in my way. Childish, but that is the truth.

    My favorite tip here is “Don’t Settle”. And in fact, it works for every aspect of our lives. Thank you for a great read, Kevin and Jade!

    1. Thank you, Vidya. Yes, it can be quite a challenge when you’re spearheading change, especially in such a traditionally male-dominated world. Don’t settle is something everybody needs to work on. It’s so easy to just be “logical” and give up on our passions just because they seem to be too difficult. Thanks for popping by and sharing your experience. 🙂

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