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  1. To start, I hope that everyone that’s reading this blog post is OK. Right now in my country Portugal and our neighbours Spain, there are a lot of people dying.

    That said great post. For me, as a blogger, I’m accustomed to doing some work in-doors but is not easy to maintain a mental balance during this time, especially how things are doing out there.

    As for the blog post itself, I really liked the idea number 3. Most people read that same tip and just ignore the power of writing all of your thoughts and objectives by hand.

    I’ve been applying that technique about one month and a half from now, and I’ve got some results both in my personal life as in business, my blog.

    In my personal life that wrotebook has allow me to not forget key aspects of some conversations with your relatives, majorly with my girlfriend…

    As for my blog, I’ve increased my productivity and actually get some ground by doing the right things with head, torso and members, because I start from the beginning to create an organized process.

    To people that have a blog or any online business writing down things is an amazing practice. Anyway, great post. I’ll be posting a link to these post on my own blog.

    Thank you, Kevin and Jade.

  2. Hi there, Jade! What a wonderful article! Didn’t regret stopping by as it made me realized how important really are these quarantine days to myself, my job and my family. I’ve been so busy since the very first day of lockdown but didn’t think what should be prioritized until I’ve read this great article. 

    I need to REFLECT – this is what I supposed to do first which has been missing in my life for quite sometime. There’s still a lot of time though, but I’m gonna do it soonest when my kids aren’t around or during their bedtime. 

    This could really be the perfect time and space for me to really study my life again. It could be the simplest way I can do this time, but maybe the most productive thing I can spend my quarantine time!

    Thank you very much!

  3. This article is coming at the perfect time with so much value. The trend in the world today creates an opportunity to go inwards even on a personal quarantine and make best use of the treasures within. Often people go in search of success and wealth outwardly, ignoring the root of true wealth, which is the human mind. If we can all take advantage of the season and spend more time on meditation we may be surprised at the values we could develop as a result. The author of this article has clearly listed multiple options to help US maximise the fre time that may be available as a result of a quarantine and i fully agree that it can be turned to GOLD with a detailed plan and discipline to follow through the plan. Aslo taking notes of insights and ideas that will naturally come as a result of solitude may prove to be one of the best experiences of a lifetime. Adding new skills can never be underestimated as the multiplier effect surelywill boost general results and diligently accomplishing small tasks can prime the mind for greater accomplishments. I hope the corona virus situation comes to an end soon but in the interim we could also take advantage of the time and rewrite our destinies. Thanks for sharing this unique and loaded article. Cheers!

  4. What an informative article!  

    Deep cleaning the house is not a bad idea when quarantined and not actually sick or symptomatic.  

    Given the fact that a lot of schools are closing temporarily for days, even weeks, that means, you can spend more time with your kids now.  You can engage with them with games or, have them help with the deep cleaning depending on the age of the child.

    A friend of mine’s Grandmother, who is 94 yrs old and regularly volunteers at a hospital (she was a registered nurse), is now in self-isolation as she would be extremely susceptible to this virus.  Her daughter is having people do a texting campaign for  to keep her involved and engaged on a daily basis.

    We all hope that this self-isolation measures will prove to be very temporary and that it will stop the spread of this virus.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing such an excellent article with us. At present, the coronavirus epidemic is taking place and it is a contagious disease, so traveling and traveling to different countries is prohibited. So we have to be locked up in the house and we are just too lazy to spend our time. We have to make a huge to-do list and we have to be productive. After reading your article I have gained a lot of knowledge about this and I like your suggestions very much. I will try to follow these suggestions. I will share your website with my social media friends so that my social media friends can benefit from your website.

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    My friend lives in Italy and currently has a very serious condition. So I will definitely get your article out to him and he will benefit greatly. And his new experience will certainly share you. Can I share your article on my social media?

  7. I hope that this quarantine does not last long. This is a good list though, as I have been wanting to spend more time with my family but have been unable to because of work and other responsibilities. And although cleaning does not really sounds like a lot of fun, the house can probably use it! Prayers to everyone who is affected by this deadly virus and hope that we are able to move forward!

  8. This issue of corona virus is really that another dimension, and From the way it’s going people might not be able leave their homes anymore as both infected and non inflected people would be quarantined as to prevent further spread of this virus.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this very important and informative article as I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.. Nor I know if it ever happen I think I not how to send my time.

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