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  1. Basically…all of what is said is relationship 101…fundamentally greater pressure exists in the modern world now…communication is integral and yes…both partners need to respect each other to get by…but both partners need to say what bothers them…I note “Dazman” must have had some concerns with a lady on the forum’s comment…not sure how she may feel about that.

  2. I also agree with all 3 points that you mentioned. I am married for 5 years and boy it is tough. For us communication is a bit hard because we are such an emotional couple that we ended up fighting and I have to reel him back that wait we are “communicating not having an argument” We take turns though on that part lol. Definitely, hands down respecting each other and communication is the key. 


    1. We can completely relate to that. Every relationship has its bumps and each partner needs to be invested in it for the relationship to work. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Hi Jade.

    You have provided such a important and helpful post for all of us which was on how to keep a relationship forever. Now a days most of the relation are being broken somehow. It’s become a big problem in our modern society. Three secrets that you mentioned mainly in your post to get ride of this problem is absolutely correct and I deeply appreciate you. You have given the right solution that can make a relation healthy and sweet. I truly believe that if you want to maintain a healthy relation, you must have to respect you partner and yourself.

    This is really very important post I think all should read this post attentively so I am gonna share this post to others. Thank you so much for providing such an important post.

  4. Things we definitely already know, oh but often we overlook them. This is a very rich and informative post. I agree with you that people that love themselves generally do better in relationships regardless of looks and money. I also love the third point where you say your partner can never know what you are thinking unless you tell them. Thank you for the reminders, the advice and the great resources provided.

    1. Unfortunately that’s what you might need to work on, Blessing. ie partner doesn`t know what what the other is thinking. And when the partner is told of it & they are sincerely sorry, then you should forgive & not 2 weeks later to use it as a lame excuse to dump them! It`s ok though, I`ve now found a lovely lady from Kenya who understands my warped sense of humour so I guess we were never meant to be!

      1. Dazman…maybe the warped sense of humour needs addressing also….blame is not always the way.

  5. Communication is the soul of any relationship and unless it is maintained at a constant level, then the relationship may never work or won’t be made to last for long. Relationship keeps the heart warming towards each other and it helps to identify each other’s problems and issues which in turn, the other spouse helps out with. Also, respect is the key to maintaining both individual and the partner’s personal space and how they want to be loved. Balancing all these trio would definitely set the course of the relationship on a long term target. Thanks

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