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  1. Oh this is very good. I think that spending time at home alone is not something that anyone will really like to do but there are sometimes when the circumstances will warrant something like this. You have given some really great ideas here for fun when alone. I do not know yet if i will be but it looks like it so i dont want to take any chances. I would still like to have fun even if i will be alone. Nice post.

    1. Hi John, I think for most people, Christmas alone is a last resort, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy it, right? 🙂 Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. It is very rare to be alone at home for christmas but then, to prepare for such days that such a thing would happen, this post has addressed all of that and in details. Christmas cannot be well celebrated than the way you have presented it here when alone at home. Making the feeling of solitude disappear so that love can thrive in the home within oneself. These are all great and when engaged in them, would definitely bring out the best that christmas could offer. thanks

  3. Christmas for most of us is that time of the year when we are connecting to family members. It is just what we have accustomed ourselves to and in instances where this is not possible, I usually feel so bad. I like the idea of taking time to treat myself as I would other people. I now realize how I have all along been neglecting spending time with me. If I find myself alone this Christmas, I will spoil myself completely. Thank you for this reminder to put ourselves first and enjoy every moment alone. Great article!

    1. Exactly! You deserve the same amount of love and care that you would shower your friends and family. 🙂 Enjoy Christmas! 

  4. With this, Christmas is surely a fun adventure while being alone and would never have a dull moment. Simply awesome is the post you have shared here on the way to maintain the awesomeness of Christmas when alone. Rather than spending the time in solitude, enjoying every bit of it with oneself and having self love would be great and awesome. These tips are really great .

  5. I don’t think that so many people will want to spend their holidays at home this December and alone. But sometimes, it can happen and it might not be as fun as it was in the old movie “home alone”. I think your ideas are really great and if one wants to really have their fun,they should still go out on a date with themselves or better still watch a movie or buy a good book. This is very cool to read. i should share this post. Thanks!

  6. There’s no reason why a Christmas spent alone can’t be just as much fun as one spent with family. In some cases, people have such dysfunctional families that it’s better to spend Christmas alone. One can still have a nice dinner, and there are smaller packages of Christmas foods that are suitable for single households. I always have a single serve Christmas pudding, and there are minature stollens here in Germany. Every Christmas Eve, I enjoy listening to Christmas music by candlelight.

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