man on a trail while wearing a baby on a carrier

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  1. Oh My Gosh! This list is da bomb! This is exactly what I am looking for!

    The very thoughtful list indeed. Especially when it comes to the carrier bags, I don’t really think most men find it funny hanging pinky flowered bags around their shoulder, at least I know my “about to be a new dad” brother won’t find it funny.

    I am actually looking up the best useful gift to get him before his baby arrives…

    I think I would go with this Tactical baby gear ( G.I. joe ) bag. It seems very impressive. And probably include the baby manual inside to make it seem like they came together, to avoid his wrath of thinking I am undermining his capabilities as a dad. Lol.

    Or what do you think?


    1. Queen, that is so funny.

      I know some men don’t care what colours they’re sporting but I keep thinking that if I care about how I look (and whether my bag matches my clothes), my husband probably does too.

      That bag + the manual = perfection. Unless you want to add the carrier too and maybe a Stetson hat a la Indiana Jones haha

      I love it. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of the tactical gear bag. It will be very helpful for going out with the baby, he will pack everything needed for the day. And a set of wireless headphones is great to avoid waking up the baby or just to preserve the hearing of the young baby, I am not sure they are ready to take loud music yet. So, that will be my next purchase hopefully.

    Thanks for sharing 

  3. Great article! of course you won’t see much of an article on topic like this, the truth new dads pass through a lot too as much as new mum does. The round-the-clock care a baby demands leaves new dads physically and emotionally drained, too. So treat him to an extra special gift. I got a video game when i just became a new dad 2 years ago (lol!).

    Best Regards.

    1. I bet that video game came really handy during those late nights or when the baby’d only sleep on you and nowhere else. Dads need self-care too!

      Thanks for sharing. 

  4. It takes a guy to know the best gifts for a dad, so you are the ideal person to be writing this post.  I think you have selected a fine list of potential dad gifts.  There are a couple there I wouldn’t mind having for myself.  I hope your viewers get really excited when they see your offerings.

    I think the “Baby Owner’s Manual” is a really good idea because very often a man has many questions about baby care that he has never thought to ask, until suddenly he’s alone with his child and unsure how to handle some situation.  All in all, you did a helpful post.  I will remember it when I next need dad gifts.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I wanted to keep things fun but also practical. Dads are also parents and we need some equipment too.

  5. I fell in love with the manly diaper bag. It goes to show we didn’t do enough online shopping when all 7 of mine were that young. Even though our kids are all school age to nearly an adult now I know the value of a good tablet PC and set of earbuds, especially when the ArizonaDiamondbacks or Jacksonville Jaguars are playing. Last but not least the dark baby carrier is an almost perfect match for the camo diaper bag. It’s like Baby Special Weapons and Tactics or SWAT gear. No job this dad can’t handle.

    1. Yeah, that manly diaper bag makes me wish we’re still doing nappy changes. ha ha

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Andy.

  6. This is a very helpful list fgifts to get for dads. I have a friend who has just become a dad and I am looking for the perfect gift to get for him. After checking out this list, I’ve decided I’d get the handsfree so he can be hands free to varrybhis baby and the Nintendo switch because it we still play games together and hell need that for his leisure. Thanks for the helpful post. I’d be sure to come back and give my feedback

  7. This is a nice post because it can be challenging to find a gift that you know is going to be something that will be used. New dads are entering a new phase of life that is different from anything they’ve taken on before, and they’ll need to be equipped as best they can! Nice roundup of a variety of gift items that are both practical and fun gifts for a new dad!

  8. Nice suggestions! My husband falls in the hands-free type. He loves anything that would help him optimize his actions without worrying too much.

    1. Yeah, I wasn’t interested in slings at first until I saw my wife actually managing to do things around the house with BOTH hands! We used our carrier to travel from the UK to the Philippines – 19 hours on a plane plus the waiting times. Highly recommend.

  9. Great list! I’ve had such a hard time finding dad gifts for my husband. He doesn’t fall under these he’s more the skateboarding and video game guy but even he agreed about the diaper bags! I couldn’t find a manly one for him so I got a plain gray one ????

    1. Yeah, why do they do that? Dads are parents too and some of us would prefer something not so flower-y lol

      By the way, we expanded our post to include gamers. Check it out 🙂

      *We tried including the Quinny Longboardstroller to satisfy his skateboarding interest but apparently only 1000 were made and it doesn’t look like they’ll be making anymore. A shame really because now that I seen it, I want to try it. hah

  10. My husband doesn’t fall under any of these stereotypes really, but that said, the baby manual sounds awesome and should be a required read of everyone having a baby! Haha, fun list thanks for sharing!

    1. Haha yeah that was a good find. Came a bit late for us since bub was already walking by the time we found it but it was very useful and amusing. And sometimes that’s all we need.

      How would you describe your husband and what kind of things is he into? Maybe we can expand our post. 🙂

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