old man sitting in front of a computer - Working From Home Is Not Just For Young Adults

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  1. It’s nice to read something like that form someone who’s been doing this for a while now.  

    I’m getting close to that age myself, I’m 44 and while I’m not feeling I’m too old for a change or to start something new, I’m feeling that push to do it now while I sill have time to enjoy my life.  

    Great interview and a great reminder that it is never too late.

  2. Hi,

    I really enjoyed reading your article and found Jo’s story very encouraging. I’m not young but neither am I that old. I just feel quite overwhelmed by the technical side of creating and managing a blog. Ideas are not the problem and I think I could offer a lot in terms of knowledge and creativity. Where do you think I should start and how do I go about creating a blog that will actually bring me income? 

    Thanks 🙂 

    1. Hi Marketa, I think the first place would be doing the training and then following what it tells you to do. And then, create quality content (over 1k words) consistently and promote the heck out of your posts. Depending on your niche, I would dive into Pinterest immediately after. Focus on these things: content, SEO and Pinterest. Can’t go wrong there. 🙂 If you head to my finance category and blogging (subcategory), you should get more info. Good luck!

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