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  1. Excellent article,your write-up really examined the factors that proved if someone is happy and I agree with all the point mentioned, its a bitter truth, number one cogent point is the mind and to be glad it has to do with the state of mind, the battle of the mind far higher than physical battle, we must win the mind battle first. You are helping many people with your writing skills, thanks for sharing.

  2. Thank you for your post. I have never thought about how to measure happiness. It is kind of hard. We know that happiness is a state of mind. Everyone has a different definition of happiness.

    You raised one good question: why are some people happy most of the time and others miserable most of the time? Apparently, the state of mind on happiness is critical. We always see that the millionaire and billionaire are not happy, while people living with check to check or even homeless are happy with their states. Apparently, money doesn’t make people happy.

    It is kind of your raising such an interesting topic. Your article may help us to understand “what is a happy life” better.

  3. Wow! Lovely post. I say it always no one deserve to make me unhappy. In order to find our happiness, we really need to stop looking to others, and honestly ask ourselves what it is that will make us happy. What makes me happy to the core is learning about psychology and people, and sharing it with others.. I learnt some important things through this post. Thanks for taking time to write on this.


    1. You’re right, Jordan. You are in charge and no one has the right to make you unhappy. Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the article, it was very helpful. I have been very stressed lately between work and home and really need to re-evaluate my mental health and happiness. One of the main stresses is the organization (or lack thereof) of our house. To be honest, it is driving me nuts! The tools you provided were very helpful. Thanks again. 

    1. You’re welcome, Chris. If it makes you feel any better (probably not but hey), our house is also a disaster and also driving me nuts. ha ha

  5. Thanks for another nice article. I think I’m happy with life in a lot of ways. I just found a new Google Chrome extension that allows me to make a page automatically scroll so I don’t have to keep clicking the scroll bar every few lines and I’ve been looking for something like that for what feels like years but I can never find it. So I’m pretty happy about that. Overall I’m very happy that I don’t drink or smoke and I eat healthy. I have a nice home gym and I really enjoy my workouts. I go for some good walks. Yeah I’m pretty happy with life. Of course I have the whole spectrum of emotions so there’s times when I feel other emotions too. Your articles always or at least most of the time bring up something that causes me to reflect on things like this so I appreciate that.

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