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  1. I have 3 children ages 20,18 & 2 , my first two were so easy , but my youngest has been a constant battle from a newborn. I am a single mother with him but not with my first two, which I’m sure has a bearing as I am usually 24/7 with him , no breaks , as well as more tired (being older & on my own , he is very set in his ways and when I ask him to do something if he doesn’t want to will make a huge scene and the more I try and get him to comply the harder he does the opposite , he is a sweetheart charming and adorable , but when told no he yells, hits , bangs his head , runs away , throws things , and will carry on and on and on , I try changing the subject or calmly explaining or. Giving him choices these rarely work .its not enjoyable going shopping or for walks or to the park because every time involves a fit in one form or another…I get so frustrated by bedtime I’m just miserable. I have tried all your suggestions before reading your blog , but I am going to try again and make sure I apply all of them and consistently . I hope for positive results because u am getting so tired of his behavior and mine .

    1. Hi Amy, that sounds so hard. I’m so sorry, you’re having to go through that. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Is there any chance at all that you have alternative childcare just so you can have some time for yourself? It’s possible that your child is picking up your exhaustion and, of course, when you’re tired, everything seems 10x harder. Sending you virtual hugs! x

  2. If absolutely no punishment works so well why don’t we treat adults the same way ? After all we all learn. Why do we have adult punishment ??
    Anything in excess is harmful. Children can not reason like a responsible adult and you should not expect them to. Parenting is teaching your children to be a contribution to society. They must learn to take responsibility for their actions. Society demands consequences for actions taken by an individual (good actions or bad). The child should learn this. There is a time and place for most everything (in moderation).

  3. What a wonderful set of tips. I recognize the parent and child perspective (close to my mother). Especially the communicate and create safety. Those are so important to a child’s development and for everyone’s enjoyment.

  4. Firstly, thanks for your book recommendations. To be honest, I cannot get enough out of this site and I just kept on reading virtually all the articles because they are powerful and knowledge bound. Being a parent requires serious work and commitment on the part of an individual. Being a parent myself, I could relate well with most things stated on this post and the part I want to talk about the most is making commitment part. Being a parent requires making sacrifices and commitments not to do certain things and several precautions to prevent breaking the commitments. I have some that I made and I have been keeping up with. Though it may be difficult to abide with at first but overtime, it becomes very way to follow.

    1. Thank you for your kind words. We’re happy that the information we provide is proving valuable for you. 🙂

      Someone told me before that a commitment is one we make daily. We don’t make a promise once and that’s enough. It isn’t. Parenting, like marriage vows, is a promise, a commitment and requires daily affirmation.

      It’s hard work because, as you say, it requires a lot of sacrifices but totally worth it.

      As parents, we not only want what’s best for our children, we also want them to grow up into upstanding citizens that offer a positive contribution to their society.

  5. Thank Kevin and Jade for sharing such great information. Been a parent for the first time it’s not easy, you need always to communicate with the baby who has the needs but doesn’t know how to communicate. A baby is all the time learning something from their parents hence parenting for the first will never be easy because you never know and not sure of how you are rising your baby. 

    Thanks for the information

    1. Hi Timeo, yes! We agree completely. Sometimes we wish they came with instructions and make it easier for us. 🙂

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