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    1. Yessss! Mantras are truly powerful and these are my go-to mantras when fear starts welling up within me. I’ve yet to try them with prayer beads though. And Tibetan singing bowls. I can’t seem to find reputable sellers for either here in Scotland.

  1. I’ve been playing these mantras for years and i know the benefits that has been given to me & my family… Problems have been solved, relationships have gone deeper and lovelier, my fears have been diminished and so many other things have been lightened… I’ll keep on playing these mantras because my day isn’t complete without them… NAMASTE…

      1. Oh i love hearing those 5 mantras….i’ve been playing these for years but not as often as i can…now i do it everyday…upon waking up and after giving thanks to God i play these mantras while doing stuffs at home…i always feel happiness in my heart….you sort of reminded me to continue doing this everyday…thank you…god bless you and your whole family…

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