pretty woman sitting on a field with a posy of flowers and feeling blissful

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  1. Finally looked up about this blissful state that comes up every now and then since my awakening. This article articulates the confirmation with everything I feel. It equates to the peace beyond understanding that is mentioned in the Bible. Anyone can tap into their bliss. It starts with self love.

  2. This is a fantastic article!! So well done, thank you.

    I found the amount of ads extremely distracting though, they are overwhelming.

  3. Hi, this article about bliss is so moving …I would like to ask if I can use this article in my podcast “The Random Talks” with Medardo Lazarte and published with the credits/copyright attached. Thank you!

  4. Hi.

    It was nice to read your post about what true bliss is. Actually most of us we really don’t know about what are the difference between bliss and happiness, bliss and peace. By reading your post i have get a clear idea about what true bliss is and what are the difference among bliss, peace and happiness. You have also given the definitions of bliss and suggested a writer, who wrote an entire ebook on bliss and is still having a tough time answering that question. You have also said about the spirituality of bliss and so on.

    Thank you so much for your informative post and will definitely share your post.

  5. Impressive! I had never given happiness, bliss, happiness ECT….. that much thought. But after reading your post It has made me examine myself and try and understand why I do and have done the things in my life trying to find Happiness or seeking blissfulness.

    Now I wonder can one find bliss in this life? Or are the spiritualists correct? That bliss pertains to the soul ( inner self ) and not to external stimuli. So how do we find it?

    1. Hi Robert, personally I believe that we create our bliss rather than look for it. Or rather, it’s already there (because bliss just is) and all we really need to do is to remember that we too are a part of it. 

  6. If I were asked what bliss was I would simply say happiness. I realize that the dictionary has added the word perfect to define bliss.

    I m learning quite a a lot on the levels of happiness. I am sure most of us have never had a moment to reflect on what their happiness is about and how long it would last.

    Happiness is cheaper than bliss? Wow!

    This article is mind boggling. I’ll have to come back for another read. Than you for taking your time to describe these terms.

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