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  1. Being kind to others, animals and nature is a good way of showing love and in return find self love. 

    Others might not show you love even when you displease yourself to please them but nevertheless continue in your good stead and you will find fulfilment. 

    Love comes naturally, maybe from a spouse or siblings or friends or strangers, you may not feel it all at once but in time. 

    You might end up being the best good Samaritan of all time doing good deeds everywhere and still feel used if you look unto others to reciprocate the love you have shown them to no avail. 

    Myou advise to us is to do the best we can in caring for all regardless of age, creed or race and take satisfaction in all we do and we will finally find love in all forms. 

  2. Thanks for the post, it’s beneficial for me. Agree on self-love is essential in our daily life. Often people find it hard to love others, one of the reason will be they don’t even love themselves yet, giving your self the positvie though and getting higher every day does help. Booked marked your tab, going to look at when I need it, thank you very much for this.

  3. Hey thank you so much for this post!!  I like this post because it involves psychology, and that was actually my major in College!  We often forget the power of Affirmation in our lives, because it is a very helpful thing!  I used to write down affirmations for college tests, and I typically did pretty well on those.  I have not seen it done for love so I’m interested in this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience, Jessie. I took a few psychology classes whilst I was at uni and I absolutely loved it. You can use affirmations for pretty much anything. I always say that it’s like ordering on Amazon. You just need to wait for the delivery. 🙂

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post. I believe in a positive mind, give positive and you will receive positive and it is all exactly as you are saying that you need to repeat these positive affirmations before the mind will actually rewire. One negative thought is worth 10 positive and more often than not it is easier to think negatively about life than positively.

    I really like that you incorporated a step by step on how to get started. It will truly come in handy.

    Getting into meditation can be a tad harder than just the affirmations. It did for me anyways, I feel like it takes a long time to train your mind to stay focused through a meditation.

    It is well worth it though.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Alexandra. And I’m glad to know you enjoyed the post. Positivity definitely trumps negativity but we’re so inclined to think negative that we really need to pay attention to our thoughts – at least, in the beginning.

  5. This is great information to help a person manifest the positive loving things that they want in their life. It’s important to make sure that affirmations are getting through in a positive manner instead of reinforcing the things we’d like to avoid or move past. Thanks for the tips and the book recommendations. These can only help to bring love into one’s life!

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