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  1. Greetings – So wear sunscreen!  What an interesting presentation bearing words of wisdom!  I liked everything he said except, “one day you will get old.”  I don’t like to be reminded of that!

    Anyway, you folks look like you’re enjoying life and having fun.  That’s great!

    Thanks for the opportunity to view your websight.


    1. Ha ha that’s true. Not everyone likes to be reminded that we’ll all get old although sometimes we could do with such a reminder. Glad you like the post. Thanks for commenting, Nathaniel.

  2. Hi there. I just love the video. The message is still so powerful. What is sad is that people are forgetting those simple things like walking in nature, singing, dancing, playing like a child will make them happy. 

    The things outside of you don’t make you happy, what is inside you makes you happy.

  3. Wow, these words are inspiring. I had to go back to read this post again because I couldn’t very well understand how sunscreens and all the beautiful words correlated but honestly, I must share this post. This words can touch anyone who has any problem. I am forever glued to your site. And this is a wonderful post.

  4. Enjoy life as they say life is beautiful. Thank you for sharing this, I browsed the book after reading your article and I got curious and just bookmarked the book. I am sure I want to add this on my reading list. I do enjoy dancing, anywhere in the house! 🙂 especially with my daughter. We enjoy our time together doing kid’s stuff and making me feel young and stress-free while bonding with my daughter.

    1. Life is indeed beautiful and dancing with your daughter sounds like great fun! I’m sure it’s a memory she’ll treasure always – as will you, of course. Thanks for commenting, Gillian.

  5. Thank you for sharing this philosophical piece about living life. It’s true that no one really knows the best kind of advice when it comes to that. It’s not as easy to scientifically verify as “wear sunscreen” and actually even some kinds of sunscreen were proven harmful. 

    One of my friends talks about a book called the half-life of facts. It shows how at one point something was considered fact but then it turned out not to be. So “wear sunscreen” might not be a fact any more. Or as long as you specify to wear natural sunscreen and not with chemicals? But that “fact” could have a half-life too.

    One of my favorite phrases is to be gentle with yourself. I feel like being gentle with yourself is a good way to live. I don’t like when people give advice like “get out of your comfort zone”. I never had a comfort zone and I always lived a very chaotic life since I was young. So for me I need to practice being comfortable with being comfortable. 

    Thanks for sharing about this writing and video. I had never heard of it before. Talk to you next time!

    1. Hi Charles, yes. It’s really funny because of all the advice given, I think the sunscreen is the one that’s been debunked quite firmly – unless you’re using organic and DEET-free ones. Just goes to show how quickly times change.

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