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  1. These quotes have really made me realize how much time has been wasted in my life by only looking at the negative side of it. Life has never been bad, I just make it look like it is by the negative energy to made it. Your site is quickly becoming one of my favourite bookmark for stuffs like this. Awesome collection of quotes.


  2. Hi there,

    You have a pot of inspiration from the people who are successful motivators. 

    It feels like the ugly uncertainties and fear in life is surrendering to them. 

    Great question? How do I get motivated? 

    Life history of Marie Curie made me a chemist but no Nobel prize in this life.

    Reading Swami Vivekananda built me internally with his powerful messages. They are drilled and have settled permanently within me.

    Jim Rohn- influenced me for a while.

    My own father is the light of my life- who told me one line. Be a star, does not matter how small you are. Emit your own light. 

    Now I am my own inspiration and motivation as I believe after >5 decades of learning.  I look back to see how far I have reached and look forward which looks gloomy sometimes. But I have crossed so many of them. If I extrapolate I am there.

    1. “Be a star, does not matter how small you are. Emit your own light.” – I love it!. Thanks for sharing, Anusuya. 🙂

  3. Nice mantra! Along these same motivational lines, it is critical to focus on what you actually do want. I recently had to listen to someone repeating aloud that they were “not going to get sick, not going to get sick, not going to get sick.” While I understood their goal, it felt the focus was all on the negative and unlikely to have the desired result. I suggested that they instead try repeating “i am going to stay healthy, i am going to stay healthy.” Focusing on the desired positive outcome always feels like a stronger and more effective motivator than giving energy to the thing you want to avoid.

  4. Hi

    The funny thing is that people can get motivated in many ways, some get it from others whilst some get it from inner strength. I have read and heard many quotes from people, some good and some bad. To some people quotes are empty they’re rhetoric, whilst others may be moved to do certain things.

    My personal favourite is Francis Bacon, as his words always ring true. As they say, a lot of words have been spoken all over the world throughout the ages, so we are only scratching the surface of the knowledge and wisdom we can learn.



  5. Hi!  Excellent collection of motivational quotes.  I also collect quotes that speak to me deeply, usually about reading or love or personal growth, but that’s not what I use to get motivated.  

    I try and set a habit and routine to get and keep motivated, even on the days I’m not motivated to do anything!  Like right now, I’m absolutely freaking melting in the Louisiana heat this summer.  I pretty much hibernate inside where it’s cooler, despite my air conditioning struggling with the heat outside.  I work with horses, 7 mornings a week, in the barns, outside where it’s hot and I’m sweating for six hours a day.  So by the time I’m done, I am completely and utterly wiped.  How do you stay motivated through that?

    It’s a struggle right now.  I am more apt to take a nap than get up and work on my website.  I’m a Montana girl living in the humid, hot-as-hell South and this year, I started taking my blogging seriously and I am really, truly struggling against exhaustion from the heat and motivation. 

    I’m happy to see struggling with motivation isn’t only happening with me sometimes.  I need to find a system like yours, thanks so much!

    1. A Montana girl! Can I just say that Montana is in my bucket list. One day I’ll get to visit and maybe stay a few months. 🙂

      As for pushing through despite discomfort, I’ll have to refer you to this post written by Ryan Biddulph. He explains what overwhelm is and how edging out of your comfort zone is an essential key to overcoming it. Hope it helps.

  6. Well, I think it is normal for one to feel bad. This world is full of negativity and definitely we will all have a share of i, but at the long run, it’s important how we deal with ourselves and I think words(whether spoken or written) can help to make someone get up again. I like all this quotes. There are many out there but this few are really unique. Because they work for you, I’ll bookmark this page and make sure to read them too when I feel bad. It’ll become my little secret to get up on bad days. Thanks alot.

    1. Henderson, you are so right! It is normal to feel bad and we really need to be more accepting of this fact. Thanks for stopping by. 

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