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  1. I love Rebecca’s advice of learning from experience, Kevin and Jade. Hands down it is the best way to succeed online. Observe your feelings, follow your fun, nudge into discomfort and you will succeed in any niche. Good post!

  2. Wow. Such a nice post! I loved reading the whole interview. As a blogger, I get motivated whenever I read success stories of anyone who has achieved her goals of making a full time income online. So, thank you for sharing this.
    Rebecca is truly an inspiration! ?

  3. What a great interview and glimpse into the mindset of a freelance writer. I especially enjoyed the mindset change from side-hustle to Business. Makes me rethink how I look at my blog.

  4. I am truly inspired by the success story of Rebecca. She is doing a phenomenal job of being a successful business owner along with full-on mom duties. With homeschooling her kids I can’t imagine how her day looks like. Hats off to all these moms who I look up to and it gives me faith that I can also achieve success in my blogging business one day.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Nadia. I am beyond impressed and it’s a great example too as I’m hoping to home educate my three-year-old. In fact, we’ve gradually eased into it and it is NOT easy! lol

  5. This is a very transparent and inspirational piece – thank you for equally sharing the commitment and the hardwork as well as the rewards!

  6. Very inspirational post! I love how Rebecca emphasized how she NEVER stopped going after what she wanted. It takes some serious guts to put yourself out there to embrace the road not yet taken, kudos Rebecca!

  7. Excellent interview. Really got me thinking about jumping in as a freelance writer. I’ve always loved writing but nervous about writing for others. Then there’s the competition. I have two blog sites that I run currently. Can I use that as proof of my skills? My biggest question though is how do you know which freelance sites are legit? 

    1. Hi Annette, you can definitely use those sites but obviously depends on which niche you want to break into. If your blog is about fashion, for example, and you want to break into the legal niche as a freelance writer then you might be better off writing a separate piece that you can use as a clip or start building a portfolio.

      Also, the following sites could help you. You won’t find scams in these as they are fully vetted before being advertised on their platform:

  8. Wow, what a post. Very inspiring and enjoyable. I really envy Rebecca. I also wanted to do freelance writing but I couldn’t keep up and it was somewhat hectic for me at the beginning because I started off doing it part time. I think her story is really inspiring and if one wants to get into an online business, one should really have something in the bank because it’s not always rosy at first and it takes a lot of work. Overall, inspiring post. I was able to pick some points that’ll really work for me.

    1. Hey Henderson, thanks for popping by and sharing your experience. We’re happy you liked this post. We personally found it particularly inspiring, especially when she mentioned that her lowest point happened right before her highest. That was pretty cool. 🙂

    2. Thanks! I just wanted to mention that I started part-time, too. I was writing an hour or two every day while my kids napped or played. I was able to put more time in as they got older but don’t let time hold you back. If you want to be a freelance writer, just start and work at your own pace. Persistence pays off!

  9. Thank you for the share.  I have never thought of being a freelance writer, you’ve started the wheels turning!  I would love to break away from my 9 to 5 routine and I believe your post holds a lot of answers to the questions I have been asking.  I will be honest I have tried working online before but the support wasn’t good and all I did was lose money!

    I was gutted to say the least.  Creating an online business using your methods might be the answer?  And if I could make anything near to 2K I’d be happy, with your guidance it could be possible. 

     Again I’d like to thank you for the share.

  10. I personally know some of my friends who are full-time writers on Fiverr and Upwork and they earn pretty well. Of course, they are not beginners but professionals but everyone starts from zero. I plan to start doing freelancing part-time as I like to write for blogs, it is time-consuming but in the end definitely worth it.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Daniel. Yes, it can be pretty lucrative if you do it right. 🙂 Good luck and do let us know how you get on. 

  11. Thank you so much for making this article, I always wanted to do my own business and start making money on my own, and the only boss having was myself. It really helps when you are not on a tight schedule and you don´t have to follow certain rules, because you make your own rules. Thanks again for doing this post.

    1. You’re welcome, Barbara. We’re glad you liked it. And you’re right of course. Freedom and flexibility are great incentives.

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