Green and pink heart balloons and one that spells mom, which is a great thing to include in your gifts for new moms that aren't for the baby

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  1. Wow, I really loved these gift ideas! I am a first time mom and everyone asks me what I need and I never know what to say. My mind is always somewhere else. So looking at this from the perspective of a new mother, I definitely realized I need a lot of help with cooking and cleaning. This can be very broad when telling people, and I never thought about asking someone to come over to help with the cooking or cleaning. I always thought that gifts needed to be physical products, but I think actually having someone lend a helping hand when you need it the most is the greatest gift of all. This could go a long way! Thanks for the article ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Hillary, thank you for sharing. We love that you found our post helpful. Another thing to remember as a first time mum is to accept help. Sometimes, we feel that we should be able to manage it all but we could all do with a helping hand once in a while. ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy motherhood and do let us know how you get on.

  2. Great list! I also like to gift handmade things to โ€œnewborn momsโ€. Often I make and give useful mini diaper bags with the name of the little one on it. I know itโ€™s more for the baby than for the mom, nevertheless the moms are always very happy since it is so unique and special.

  3. I love the “cleaning help” tip. I knew so many first-time moms in the past that would have loved extra help, even just a tiny amount. And these days there are so many sites that you can use to hire cleaning help whenever you want and even for just a day or two, so no need for a contract!

    And wireless headphones are a great idea. A lot of mothers like listening to music while they do loads of tasks, but wires just get in the way.

    1. Hi Nate, exactly!

      Plus, we don’t want little hands to start pulling at those cords! I’ve had that happen to me – never again. haha

  4. Wow! Excellent post you have up here. I think I will just go with getting earphones and eBook reader. My sister just gave birth some few weeks back and I’ve not been able to visit her yet. So, I wish to make some purchases and send it to her and I was kind of clueless as to what I will get for her. This has really been of great help with excellent suggestions. Thanks so much, I will look into getting these. Thanks

  5. I’ve never been a Mom, but I can somehow relate to your suggestions here for a new mom and the gifts that she would seriously appreciate. Practical gifts such as cleaning and cooking must be so valuable to a new mum and some thing most people would not think of. Great Post!


  6. Awesome post! I remembered my aunt who lived in Germany told me when we were discussing about gifts last year that the BEST gift any of her friends gave her when she became a new mum did not come from her baby shower… it was providing meals (cooking) for her as a  sleep-deprived new mom. Thanks for all of this additional awesome ideas, Jade!

    1. Thanks, Jordan. I feel that we should make home-cooked meals for new mums a nationwide provision. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Awesome article,whatever we are trying to give must be valuable to the receiver that means usefulness of the gift is very important,the present need and the future needs,mums are their own people and they’ll probably need just as much love and attention as the baby,I strongly agree with this,other means they need helping hands we should be ready to render such help as at when due.Your article is exciting and educative,thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Abayomi, most of Western society tend to forget the parents and just focus on the baby. We need to remember that people cannot give when they’ve received nothing. It’s just impossible. When parents are stressed or too tired, they cannot react with grace under pressure. And a newborn screaming the house down is pressure like no other.

      Thanks for your comment. x

  8. Wow, what a great list of practical gifts for the new or new-again Mom. I can see where the cleaning and wireless headphones would be an enormous help.  It seems that you never have enough hands when you chasing the little one around or changing diapers!

    Earth Mama products is a new brand for me..never heard of it prior to reading your article.  Very interesting that this company would have such creative and apparently much needed products to ease Mom back into a more normal or routine role again. 

    Thanks for the ideas.  Great article…unique suggestions and gifts. 

    1. Yes, you definitely need more than a pair of hands when you’re dealing with children. We only have one and sometimes both of us are like “all hands on deck!”. ha ha

      Thanks for your lovely comment.

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